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From the start, her resolve was as clear as her voice. “Nobody needed to tell me I was going to be a singer,” says Jordan Hill. “I always knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Jordan has spent years performing with pianists and accompanying bands at intimate venues throughout the Los Angeles area. It was in 1994, following one of her weekly performances at Le Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood, that she was invited to sing at a special party at the California home of 12-time Grammy winner David Foster. “I was shocked,” says Jordan, . “I knew who David Foster was because I’d fallen in love with The Bodyguard soundtrack. So I immediately said, ‘Of course, I’d love to.’”

“I can’t remember a day when I wasn’t singing for people,” she says. From her earliest work in community musicals to her Los Angeles shows, Jordan has always poured all of her energy into reaching audiences. “I’ve always been a performer, ever since I was tiny,” says Hill. “I never had to learn that. Somehow it’s part of me. I guess I’m just a big ham.”

Jordan’s all-encompassing love of music was always complemented by a discerning ear for great singers — in particular Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. (She still remembers the time when – at six-years-old – she first heard Whitney on the radio.) From those influential roots, Jordan’s pursuit of music gained momentum. By the time she was preparing to enter high school, she was eager to go that much further to pursue what, around the Hill house, was simply termed “Jordan’s dream.” So she made up her mind to pack up and move to Los Angeles.

“I talked to my folks at dinner one night, just before I was supposed to start high school,” recalls Jordan. “I said, ‘Mom and Dad, I think this would be a really good thing for me to do. I want you to come with me. If not, the day I graduate from high school, I’ll have to go without you.’ That’s when they realized what a serious young person I was,” she adds laughing. Jordan’s parents agreed to the West Coast move on a one-year trial basis. Dad stayed behind to hold down the fort in Knoxville while Jordan and her mother faced up to the challenge of L.A.

Once settled, Jordan continued her high school studies at L.A.’s Hamilton Academy of Music, while singing in the school choir, a local gospel choir, and maintaining her club gig schedule. It was at the beginning of her second year in California that Jordan met David Foster.

“If I’ve learned anything since I first came to California, it’s that there’s no secret formula between you and your dreams,” says Jordan. “Sure there’s fate, but at the heart of the matter it’s all about being determined, working hard, and – most of all – loving what you do. That’s all gone into this album, which is why it means so much to me. I hope people can hear that.”

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